Jball goes Park

Along with taking a few photos at Cerritos park I managed to get a good amount of footage of Jball.  I threw this one day park edit together to show off Jball ripping it up.  He got a lot of props that day but you can check it out for yourself:

Later this month, Bombtrack is sending Jball to Thailand to represent 29" FGFS, since after all, he IS the king.  Don't worry, he will be sporting some new royal HC gear as well.  There is much more to come from Jball.  He is working on CFTY3, Young Guns, and many other projects as well as Red Bull coming up.

I know he is going to do really well and have had a lot of faith in him for years.  He is also a really good guy and Thailand will be really happy to have a guy like him there.  Keep an eye out for this guy very soon.