Quick Clip // Jackson Bradshaw and Evan Service

It's been a while that I wanted to support these guys for a few reasons.  They have been around for some time now and show true dedication to FGFS.  Check out this sick clip they sent through:

Jackson came to me a while ago, wouldn't mind saying 2 years, and bought some straps from me.  He has had them ever since and they are pretty beat but I am glad they lasted him so long. And throughout that time Jackson has gotten so good on top of running a few blogs and showing just how much he loves this sport.

Evan is also killing it as well.  He is really creative, techy, and really fun to watch.  I can relate to running back to the camera to check out the latest shot excited as all hell.

I can't wait for more content to be sent my way from these guys and make sure to check out FOAD fixed to support them and buy some cool stuff!