Quick Clip // Johnathan Ball

Johnathan Ball.  Jball.  He has many names but he is known for only one thing:  King of 700c.  Check out this quick clip of Jball as he nonchalantly lands a manual 180 bar.

And that's not all.  Jball has been making moves off his bike as well.  He is now part of Altar Tribe, started by Gus Molina and Johnathan Davis.  They sell shirts, hats, stickers, and the much awaited Burial bars.  Altar isn't the only one to notice the talent oozing from this college freshman.  Bombtrack had actually quietly sponsored Jball a little while ago and just recently let it all hang out.  Jball is on their small Divide (FGFS geo) and is pretty pumped about it, not to forget all the other great parts they offer.

Don't forget to check out his blog over at Suck My Cog.